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The Greek word "xeros" means dry; added to "landscape," the word becomes "xeriscape." This means dry landscape. It is a good alternative to using green plants and having a watering system.

This type of landscape is quite versatile and offers many choices of stone, plants and wood for each property. It is just as exciting as any landscape project for picking out specific pieces, pathways and materials.

Flagstone is popular and used in many walkways and walls as well as stone benches and other structures. Light and dark grays, beiges, reds and blues exist in these stones for many color scheme options.

Deck wood varies quite a bit with a wide range of colors, too. Wood and stone in close proximity are eye-catching and attractive. Gravel walkways are colorful as well and add texture to the view.

There are many flowers that grow naturally in this area, and they are blue, red, yellow, pink, white and purple. Bushy, flowerless plants may be green, yellow, orange and red and yellow. Black Mondo grass adds contrast and interest. There is no shortage of choices in the plant category for a xeriscape.

A xeriscape really conserves water and time, not to mention effort. It is not meant to be left alone to grow weeds, but it does not consist of green plants that need a lot of water. Flowers from the natural habitat grow with a minimum of water, which is why they are applicable for this type of landscape.

Boulders add drama to a landscape, and they anchor the area if placed accordingly. They need no attention at all. Flagstone and gravel are worry-free, of course, and wooden pieces or structures can cover a fairly large expanse of ground that will not need care.

A new landscape is sounding better and better, isn't it? Contact Landsculptors about a xeriscape and see how it fits into your own yard space.

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